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    "As to Kim"Real men are not called 'Kim'. Proof? Kim Hughes. One time Captain of the Australian cricket team. Only captain I ever saw cry like a baby about leaving the job. Babies who are named 'Kim' at birth by their obviously abusive fathers are not men.Reminds me of the Johnny Cash song 'a boy named Sue'. Baby boys would be better off called 'Sue' or 'Wendy' than Kim. Kim is one of those 'half way names'. His Dad must have really hated him.

  2. I like the idea of the 5K day. Ease back into running protect those knees. I have been dealing with a hip injury and the best thing for it was rest.Renee recently posted..

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  5. Asep says:

    I love u soooooooo much Asin. I sow this movie 150 times .I love this movie vyyyyeyyyry much.Asin u r a telugu actress but your acting is like hindi actress.Asin u r vyyyyeyyyryyy Beautiful.Amir u too vyyyyeyyyryy good .WOoWWWWWWWW, kese mujhe tum mil gayi I LOVE THE SONG ..

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